Reader: Raises Gaines’ fault

Reader Input
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Some things just hang around like a dirty shirt. Last night while watching the local news guess who pops up? Yep, like a dirty shirt here is one of our Placer County supervisors, the one and only Kirk Uhler. He commandeered his wife a high-paying cushy job just a few months ago and she is already getting a 5 percent raise. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, three of the supes all vote in favor of this injustice. The only supe that used any common sense and control was (Jennifer) Montgomery. All of our citizens need to recall this historic injustice when we vote again. Also, we have one of our own in Sacramento who is soon to be trying another ladder climb. Ted Gaines will soon be competing with (Assemblymember Roger) Niello for a higher step up the ladder. I, for one, cannot give Gaines my vote or support as he recommended Uhler fill his county supervisor position when he moved on to Sactown. Sorry, Ted, you are too poor a judge of character for me to support or vote for. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn