Reader says priorities are off

Reader Input
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I can’t believe what these liberal progressives think. In a Sunday, Nov. 22 letter to the editor, Allen Cassidy tells us, “While we’re waving our flags, there are approximately 50 million people living in poverty in America. Let’s think about them, too.” My question is: What does honoring our flag have to do with not caring about the needs of our fellow Americans? His statement implies that if you honor the American flag that somehow you’re a greedy, selfish ghoul that lurks in the darkness waiting to take advantage of the less fortunate. The first thing progressive liberals like Mr. Cassidy want to do is to chase God and the flag out of our lives. They want to come across as being enlightened, compassionate people but rarely do more than write letters. I’m curious what he does to help the poor. This is the same progressive liberal that is OK with all the perverse homosexual behavior that has been reported down at the river this summer (as he’s stated in a previous letter). He’s OK with that of course, but don’t wave or display your flag! I only hope he isn’t raising children or grandchildren. As for me and my family, we’ll continue to lean on God and wave our flags and stick up for the values that make our country exceptional. God bless us all! Danny Prestriedge, Auburn