Reader says US led by villains

Reader Input
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If this health care bill that the president is trying to ram down our throats becomes law, then I hope the people who voted for it will remember in 20 or 30 years that (Barack) Obama, (Nancy) Pelosi and (Harry) Reid are the villains. You and I, our children and grandchildren, for the rest of our lives, will struggle to pay for this mess. There are only about three things good in the bill. The rest are lies and smoke. If they would fix the three things and throw out all the rest, it would cost only one-tenth as much. Only do this after the economy has recovered. Obama said the economy would be first on his list. He has done nothing on jobs, unemployment, education or bringing home the troops within six months of taking office. Only in a country that has a dictator could this mess have happened. Only the liberal “mouth from the south” (Jack Sanchez, Auburn) and the “mouth from the north” (Ron Lowe, Nevada City) could daydream anything good coming from this presidency. People have said the Carter years were the worst ever. The Obama years will prove that a fallacy. God help us from this (as Bugs Bunny would say) maroon. DON J. GREER, Colfax