Reader seeks smarter letters

Reader Input
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I have lived in many other cities and subscribed to many local papers, and I am certain that none other than the Auburn Journal would ever have published such foolish and spiteful letters as those penned by John Seither (“We voted in our own destruction,” Oct. 12), Dale Smith (“Crisis caused by intellectuals,” Oct. 19), Robert Wahl (“Prove me wrong, idiots,” Oct 26) – and most everything written by Rocky Warren. In all these cases, their facts are errant, their logic is flawed or nonexistent, their prejudice is overriding and they seem to take pleasure in being offensive. Such letters do not serve to enlighten or convince. Quite the contrary. They only serve to poison the well of civil discourse and printing them gives a semblance of credibility to people and opinions who are worthy of none. Some friends tell me that the Journal carries them because shock and controversy sell papers. I feel it is sad if local papers believe that their survival depends on providing a forum for the angry diatribes of the village idiot. The same function can be met by reading the graffiti on men’s room walls. I would expect more from our local newspaper. MARK BEECHER, Auburn