Reader spells it out for all

Reader Input
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Hey, hey hey! You folks that dwell on drivel, read on and those of you that don?t dwell on drivel, you?re welcomed to read this also. No. 1: Cuts for either federal or state should and I do mean should start from the very top beginning with Mr. O and J.B. Stop this foolish spending! Balance the budget and not by raising taxes. I am sick and tired of our government raising taxes because they have overspent and expect the American citizens to pay for their errors. ?Boulder-pucky!? No budget ... no paycheck and no retroactive pay either. No. 2: On welfare: A. Drug testing every time B. On drugs ? no checks C. Six months to get a job that the welfare people have sent you out on. D. If after six months, no job ? no check. Get a job! E. Whether you?re legal or illegal and having babies: No more babies, no more working the system. I do not like having to pay for your inane practices. F. Those that come across the border to have babies so they will be citizens? take that privilege away for good. G. Close the ?dang? borders H. Remember, ?No One Owes You Diddly Squat!? Lois Piscitelli, Meadow Vista