Reader tired of Obama’s ‘lies’

Reader Input
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Re: Kathleen Parker’s column, “A story not quite right,” (Another View, July 19): Miss Parker’s next-to-last sentence seems to sum up the leftist view on Obama’s lying very well: “The president likely will be forgiven this exaggeration in the service of a greater truth.” In other words, Obama may lie his butt off as long as the leftist agenda (in this case Obamacare) keeps getting pushed upon the rest of us. I am so tired of Obama’s “exaggerations.” Why can’t he push his agenda minus all the “exaggerations”? Could it be because he counts on the ignorance of most of the public not to check into whether or not what he says is in fact true? I am tired of him and his “exaggerations” — code word for lies! Donna McCloskey, Auburn