Reader uses her plastic bags

Reader Input
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I am amazed that our state Legislature has the time to vote on eliminating plastic bags when there is such a shortfall in the budget that should take their full-time attention. I personally don’t know what I will do without the plastic bags as I am on oxygen and have to have many bags for my groceries so they are not too heavy. How will I manage to carry my oxygen, purse and bags to the store? I use the bags for trash which the garbage pickup requires all to be in plastic bags. The leftover bags I return to the store for recycling. On a limited budget and then I should pay for paper bags? What about plastic bags at the stores in the malls? Do we have to carry bags to the mall for our purchases? It would be unfair to eliminate them from one source and not all sources. If we are eliminating plastic, why not eliminate plastic bottles for water; make them glass. Eliminate plastic in diapers and use cloth washable diapers; eliminate plastic everywhere. I try to recycle my plastic jugs, especially the ones I pay a deposit on and few places will take them and none return the deposit. Other states have far better recycle plans than California. This state makes no sense on their rules and regulations but they do repel businesses and many businesses leave the state. Ann Laman, Auburn