Reader vows to shop Roseville

Reader Input
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Lynn Howe has some good points about pitbulls (Reader Input, Nov. 8). Her statement, “Reckless owners of any dogs pose a threat to the community’s safety,” is true. These owners are adults who at this stage of the game will not change. It’s like the habitual drunk driver. You have to take away their opportunity to drive. We need to take away the pitbulls. Behavior modification in adults does not work well. Most of us will speed when a cop is not around. We can’t have a cop around every corner looking for loose pitbulls. Lynn used the word profiling. People cringe at the word. Why? Profiling pitbulls brings the problem to the surface, does not hide it.  Folks, the City of Auburn will let time take care of this without enacting an ordinance. The Auburn Journal will see less written about this and the dust will settle. I know the standard operating procedure. My family and I along with some others now shop in Roseville. The Fountains, Galleria and all the venues surrounding are safe. Roseville and its businesses have cultivated a true family atmosphere there. You will not have dogs off-leash or people harassing you and your family. Until Auburn shows real progress, that’s where our family will spend our time and money. Albert Burn, Auburn