Reader: What if I were illegal?

Reader Input
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Last Friday, I was driving down North Sunrise Boulevard near Cirby and was stopped by a Roseville police officer for speeding. The kind officer walked over to my car and asked for my identification and insurance information. Imagine that! I had no problem showing the officer my identification because I have a valid California driver’s license and evidence of insurance. I am a Caucasian female and a citizen of this country who usually tries to obey all laws. My only excuse for going a few miles over the speed limit that day was that I have a heavy foot and forgot to check how fast I was driving on a major street that has a 35 mph speed limit. What if I didn’t have a valid driver’s license or insurance? What if I was in this country illegally?  It made me think about all of the people on the extreme left who are loudly protesting the Arizona law claiming that it is racist. The Arizona law mirrors federal law and it merely requires law enforcement officials to check the identification of those who are stopped for legitimate reasons. Perhaps those on the left who are loudly protesting the Arizona law only want law enforcement to stop and question Caucasians who are U.S. citizens? Sandy Biroli, Roseville