Reader will heed Huckabee warning

Reader Input
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In November 2012, we will vote, in my opinion, on two fundamental issues. No. 1: How much entitlement do we Americans want? How much can we afford, or are we willing to pay for? No. 2: The social contract between ourselves and our government: What is the proper balance between self-directed and other-directed? Regarding the second issue, I am mindful of ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee’s warning — there are big strings attached to federal spending. Federal spending means federal control — more mandates, regulations and control over state and local spending, policy decisions and priorities. It shifts power from the individual and the state to the federal government and creates dependency. Worst of all, he adds, it results in loss of autonomy — loss of independence, choice and self-government. I will keep Huckabee’s warning in mind come November 2012. Bill Harder, Sr., Auburn