Real Americans uphold peace

Reader Input
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Regarding the 9/11 demonstrations at the Gold Country Fair: It was so refreshing to see a picture of Americans upholding the true values of peace and tolerance in the wake of all the media frenzy of the tea party movement (Journal, Sept. 16). Why weren’t these demonstrators given front-page access? Oh, that’s right, the media has a “liberal” slant to it, doesn’t it? It’s shameful that those compassionate Americans don’t get the same exposure as their well-funded, brainwashed counterparts. I also wonder would Mr. (Tom) Dinwiddie put these people in: dope dealers, gurus, Burning Man potheads (Reader Input, Sept. 13)? How about the silent, but ignored, compassionate Americans who uphold the Constitution and truly demonstrate it? Anne Gassman, Citrus Heights