Reconsider medical marijuana decision

Reader Input
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Recently you had a front-page article (Journal, July 27) that has personally touched my family’s life. I’m hoping that with the medical marijuana dispensary recently closed by the city of Auburn, the city will revisit this issue and reconsider this decision. Personally, I have never been involved with marijuana. But my son, who recently passed away from colon cancer, was fortunately able to use the marijuana medication dispensed to him by the pharmacy and recommended by his doctor. Before he was given the medication he had lost over 100 pounds. He was unable to eat — nothing tasted good, he had no appetite and was in terrible, constant pain. Once he started the medication, he was able to taste and eat again — and it controlled the excruciating pain. Because of the medicinal marijuana it prolonged his life at least four to six more months. For that I am eternally grateful. You have no idea, unless you have witnessed this yourself, how hard it is to watch your loved one in such pain and you are unable to do anything to help the person. Once the doctor approved the marijuana medication, my son was able to survive the rest of his time eating and not in pain. Not even morphine helped. Before this happened to my family, I would have probably been one of those people who said “no” to a marijuana dispensary operating in Downtown Auburn. I’m asking the Auburn City Council, and all of those people who are anti-marijuana, please take a second look at this issue. Hopefully none of you will ever have a family member in such pain, that not even the strongest painkiller can help. This is not to say I support marijuana for pleasure — I only support it for medical reasons. I would think that Rich Miller (Sierra Patient and Caregiver Exchange) would be certain that the distribution of marijuana is closely monitored so as to not jeopardize its use for those in need. JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn