Reconsider the ravine project

Reader Input
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Yes, as Andy Lukkonen’s Visual Viewpoint cartoon in the Jan. 9 Auburn Journal accurately points out along with Terry Davis, spokesman for Sierra Club (Journal, Jan. 6), which endorsed this project that citizens have known for 32 years as the Baltimore Ravine project: As quoted in the Journal, Baltimore Ravine is the last open space in the city of Auburn that can be developed. Does that mean it should be developed for it is the last open space? Or should it be protected for it is the last open space? Concerns of terrain, access in and out, abundant wildlife of many species and more issues have been topics presented long before now. Present-day economy, devalued home prices, abundance of empty commercial sites are solid concerns in Auburn of this Baltimore Ravine Project that have not existed before. Don’t forget the scar that the abandoned Auburn dam has left. Look at clear-cut bankrupt Bickford Ranch. Should we not look at the future impact of this project with the present-day economy and regroup and reconsider ? David York, Auburn