Recovery needs the middle class

Reader Input
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The Republicans and blue dog Democrats are working to perpetuate our nation’s wealth in the hands of the rich this holiday season. They don’t want to extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans before Christmas, or approve tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses until they get their way in extending huge unfunded “bonus” tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent. Statistics have shown that money spent by the middle class has double the economic impact to spur the economy than it does to give tax breaks to those who earn more than $250,000. (George) Bush Jr. and his disciples had eight years for their trickle-down theory to work. Their efforts to put the money into the hands of the rich to spur the economy have failed miserably. The middle class has no money to buy or demand goods, so there is no incentive for the wealthy to hire people or create new businesses to increase/-stimulate the economy. How many jobs have been created by those top 1 percent earners with the tax cuts they’ve been getting for the past eight years? If those same billions had been distributed among the middle class, our economy would be booming by now. Joe Marman, Auburn