Redevelopment must end now

Reader Input
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We are writing to (Gov. Jerry Brown) to voice our support for the state to stop all redevelopment projects, now and in the future. All redevelopment agencies and departments should be defended and completely shut down — forever! We are appalled that our tax dollars have been redirected over the years to redevelopment agencies. Why have our tax dollars been used to improve business owners’ investments? If they want to improve their downtown areas, then each business should contribute money and do so — but our tax dollars should not go to improving businesses! The city of Auburn is a perfect example. They have used redevelopment monies (until recently we did not know where these monies came from. We stupidly thought businesses were paying their own way and come to find out — no, it is once again us taxpayers!) to “improve” the Downtown area. They ruined a perfectly good intersection to make “walking and sitting areas.” We have streets that need to be repaved, sidewalks that are falling apart (Pine Street, Auburn) and they wasted our tax dollars on improving the Downtown area for the businesses Please do not cave on this issue. We need redevelopment funds stopped. We want our tax dollars to go to police and fire departments, not businesses who should be paying their own way if they want their Downtown areas improved! ROY and TAMRA WEST, Auburn