Reelect our local oracle

Reader Input
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I’m not easily impressed, but Gordy Ainsleigh, our main man on the Auburn Recreation and Park District Board, impresses me. Twenty years ago, Doctor Gordy was exhorting the evils of the pandemic use of sunscreens and the virtues of sunshine vitamin D, and now the laggard M.D.s are finally telling me to take vitamin D; “and, by the way, unscreened sun exposure isn’t all that bad.” Eight years ago, when Gordy was first elected to the ARD Board, ARD had been staggering from one disaster to another for about 10 years. Within two years, Gordy had ARD turned around and headed for glory (and he can even tell you how he did that … it’s quite a story). Four years ago, with the ARD staff and board intent on spending $800,000 on a locker room remodel, Gordy dug up three highly qualified experts who offered workable plans to do it for much less. One was the lead contractor for the Gold Run Rest Stop remodel, and offered to do the whole job for $200,000. Would that the board had listened to my friend, the Oracle from Meadow Vista! One and a half years ago, he cast the only intelligent, thoughtful vote on the hiring of an auditor. Yes, Gordy impresses me. Vote for him. Jack Hertel, Newcastle