Reelect quiet hero to ARD

Reader Input
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I’d like to recommend voting for our most precious Auburn Recreation District board member. I know him from Gold Country Toastmasters, where he has long been an active member, and helpful friend and doctor to me and to so many people. I am referring to Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh. He is not afraid to tell us voters when the board members are about to waste taxpayer money. He researches his facts and takes the time to be thorough. He unfortunately often gets flack from several board members, or unfair bad press at times. I have been at board meetings where he was rather rudely treated. Gordon can calmly stand his ground. He came to the board in 2002 and helped to turn around a struggling ARD board. Along with Jimmy Carroll they convinced the members to hire a manager from within and Kahl Muscott joined the team. Things began to turn around financially. Gordon Ainsleigh plants trees at the Meadow Vista exit (I have helped him do this, even in rainy downpours, on occasion). He can tell me all the local types of oak trees and what each one needs to thrive. He also waters these trees. I am docent for Placer Nature Center (and a retired teacher after 34 years in California public grammar schools). This impresses me. He once ran down a prisoner being transferred. Gordon was planting trees and caught a flash of motion. He noted how far behind the guard was and ran after and held the prisoner until the guard took over. He helped to make safe rock climbing available in the Auburn Recreation Area of the canyon, opening up a lot of business revenue as climbers eat and stay overnight in Auburn areas. He also planted numerous trees at Overlook Park so we could all have a little shade in the parking lot. These are only a few of many accomplishments I could mention. I see him as a quiet hero, persistently succeeding in making a positive difference in the world. Gordon is a great human being and a conscientious and determined board member. He deserves your vote! Donna Vetromile, Auburn