Reform pensions, education right now

Reader Input
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(Placer County Water Agency) PCWA thought is was time to give their folks a 2 percent raise for a morale booster? I think that having a job in these troubled times would be great for morale! And remember that these new salaries are going to be reflected in their pensions down the road. Auburn Police sue the city for not paying cost of living and equity increases (what ever that is). Bill Kirby is absolutely correct when he says that the city should be able to control its budget (Journal, Feb. 28) plus I’ll bet there would be plenty of applicants for the police department jobs and they would be willing to forgo these minor issues just to have a job. Then, of course, there is the $135 billion in unfunded liability that 24 schools in California (not belonging to CalPers) have rung up in IOUs. (Placer County Supervisor) Jim Holmes doesn’t want to commit to the regional sewer project because of the enormous amount of monies that would be allocated to the project but would rather spend the monies on the new county jail and health and retirement for county employees (Journal, Feb. 29). When will education be reformed throughout the state along with the pensions and health benefits of city, county and state employees? Let’s start now with new contracts that reflect private sector principles and give raises for real merit, not COLAs, equity increases, step raises, longevity in the job, etc. etc. James McKesson, Auburn