Regy Bronner is in touch

Reader Input
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I see that Beth Gaines got a big spread in the Auburn Journal touting her (Americans with) Disability Act ?reform,? Assembly Bill 1878. I did some research, found that her bill was voted down in committee, three to seven. Another bill submitted by legislative leadership was already in the process and more to the point, and was available to Beth before she wrote her bill. However, as she evidently doesn?t communicate with the rest of the legislature she wouldn?t know about the other bill. She was too much in a hurry to get a ?talking piece? into the Auburn press and other newspapers to notice. Meanwhile, her constituents are facing dramatic unemployment. She just does not get it and probably never will as she is divorced from the realities of her district and, apparently, the legislature. Anyway, as of the redistricting Gaines will be in the new 6th Assembly District which does not include Auburn but does include some nearby communities such as Penryn. Voters there can ditch Gaines and pass by Andy Pugno, both funded to the hilt by wealthy outside interests. Instead vote for Regy Bronner who for a change understands the real needs of the middle class. Cynthia Davis, Penryn