Remedy canal safety issues now

Reader Input
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I think that many people are missing a key point here, re: “Deadly Auburn canal takes sixth victim in less than two years,” (Journal, Nov. 30). Yes, it seems that we might have a problem with suspicious circumstances concerning homeless men, and this certainly should be investigated by law enforcement. The fact that we have an increasing homeless population is not in the least surprising considering the economy and this probably should be addressed also, but the “attractive” nuisance that the canals in Placer County pose should be first and foremost addressed. If a private homeowner had a swimming pool or pond that people continually drowned in, they would surely be facing criminal, as well as civil, charges for not mitigating the danger. We have been lucky over the years that more people have not drowned, but the parents of the small boy who recently drowned in the Colfax area would certainly not consider themselves lucky. Why has PG&E and Nevada Irrigation District not fenced all these canals in? It should have been done years ago, but certainly in the most recent years past, an alarm should have gone off in the minds of those responsible for the maintenance of these canals. Hopefully someone will wake up. Unfortunately, it might have taken losing that baby for someone to get it. Leslie Heimbichner, Auburn