Remember the peace officers

Reader Input
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I was exceptionally disappointed when I opened Thursday’s paper (Journal, Dec. 23) and read the headline story about a Placer County Jail inmate who is spending time behind bars due to a DUI and probation violation and how it is “tough” for him “not to be able to go up snowboarding with friends” during the holiday season. This young man was placed in his current situation due to his disregard for our legal system and for putting innocent citizens in harm’s way while driving intoxicated, and yet you spin a sad story about his “yearning experience.” What about the good men and women who have to guard the inmates and keep our roads safe during Christmastime? They are the ones who we should be recognizing as they are asked to give up time with their families in order to maintain justice. It may be “tough on (inmates) around this time,” yet I may say from personal experience that it is even more tough on our legal officers and their loved ones. Let us consider our peace officers and their families this holiday, not those whose actions have put them behind bars. Leah Schafer, Colfax