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I think the “tea party patriots” started out with a good agenda. Stopping waste and irresponsible spending in government is a campaign that most Americans would join. As time passed you could see and feel the agenda change. A good dose of hate was added and finally control was taken from behind the scenes. The patriots now seem to be in lockstep with the big business agenda. So I’ve watched the debates, including the one titled “Tea Party Republicans” and this is the platform I now see. Any underfunded social programs will either be eliminated or privatized. Social Security and Medicare are at the top of the list. If you can’t pay the premium, you will lose the benefit. Remember how we cried as the Democrats prepared to kill grandma with socialized medicine and death panels? Well, she’s going to die, but it will be because she couldn’t cough up her $8,000 a year Medicare premium. The banks must be protected and unregulated, even though the “too big to fail” are bigger than ever. Two million homes foreclosed on and a couple of million more on the way. The big investment banks are doing quite well now while regular Americans struggle. Raise taxes on the richest Americans. I think not! These are the elites, the job creators. If you look back in time, you won’t find any private sector jobs being created when there is little or no demand for products and services. Besides, these are the same job creators who have sent nine million jobs overseas when times were good! When it comes to jobs, we know a couple of things that kill jobs. Unions are evil, always have been. The minimum wage should be eliminated. With no unions or a minimum wage there will be jobs for all. We can compete with any nation on the planet! You just have to work for $2 a day. We must cut through the red tape and regulations of government so American industry can once again thrive. The Environmental Protection Agency should be un-funded or eliminated. Remember when we had rivers bursting into flames and entire towns abandoned from P.C.B. poisoning? Education should cost so much that only the richest Americans can afford it. After all, they will be the ones running the show. Then it hit me; this is a tried and true strategy. This is Mexico! PAUL PIERCY, Colfax