Renaissance well celebrated

Reader Input
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If you have never attended the Renaissance Faire then please do not bash it (Reader Input, May 10). The first day it occurs, on a Friday, it is closed to the public. Only students, teachers, parents and a few special guests are invited. It is so secure that even the wind has trouble getting in. On the weekend it is open to the public. Perhaps the ladies dressed in garb of the times are a bit revealing but much less than many ladies of modern times. There are so many characters of the times at the Faire to help educate the children and the public of a time in history that once existed. To suggest that the Faire is trying to put our children at any kind of risk is really unfair. I invite you to come see for yourself. Don’t be afraid of learning. We should only fear a closed mind and the refusal of being well-informed. MONTY HECKER, Auburn