Rep. McClintock will see you now

Reader Input
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How dare (Supervisor) Jim Holmes request an audience with the “Great and Terrible Rep. (Tom) McClintock,” (Journal, Feb. 23). The nerve of Jim Holmes thinking that as an elected representative from our local jurisdiction that he could air our petty concerns about our local sewage treatment plant, or about local efforts supporting renewable energy. What does he think government is for? Why, next he will be supporting government that represents the public. Mr. Holmes would be better off if he recognized that government is here to represent the interests of large corporations and the wealthy and not the trivial interests of the electorate. If he were a true visionary like Tom McClintock, he would embrace fiscally responsible ideas like the Auburn dam. After all, what could be more responsible than spending hundreds of millions on a nice new dam that floods the American River canyon and is located directly over a fault? Mr. Holmes, please don’t waste our representative's time with these trivial concerns. After all, there are so many lobbyists to see, so many kickbacks to take and so little time. Dave Werkley, Auburn