Repeal $10 parking fee

Reader Input
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I typically support the levy of user fees on those who are using a service or good provided by the State of California. It seems like a focused way to gain revenue from individuals receiving a good or service. This $10 fee for parking on the side of the road at the confluence, however has tipped the balance (“Nature’s beauty will cost you,” Journal, June 26). I absolutely do not support this charge.
What are we receiving for our $10, the right to park on the side of the road we as taxpayers have already paid for? There is no parking lot to pay for, no attendant to pay for the privilege of taking our $10. The only “improvement” is the addition of pay stations.
I used to park at the confluence and hike to Clementine and back which would typically take about an hour. I refuse to pay $10 for the right to hike or take a dip in the American River.
Repeal this fee!
Dennis Bennett, Auburn