Repeal Obama’s new programs

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What (Larry) Dubois (Reader Input, Aug. 9) doesn’t realize is that all of Obama’s “accomplishments” are doing more to destroy the middle class than help it. Bush was not the best president by any means, but he and his administration tried to rein in Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae and were thwarted by Barnie Frank and his cohorts. That’s just one example and there are many more. All those things Mr. Dubois mentioned that Obama has signed into law are bankrupting the country. If they are so good, why did they have to be done in secret so no one could read them or even know who wrote them, including our Congress? Transparency is just one of the promises Obama made that he hasn’t kept. And just who does Mr. Dubois think is going to pay for it all? The middle class, that’s who! What Obama and his friends want is no middle class — just those who have power (them) and those who do not (us). Then they’ll have us where they want us, subsisting on welfare, along with the illegal aliens (Mexican citizens) he wants to make into instant U.S. citizens so he can get their vote. I for one do not want that kind of future. We need to kick him and his cohorts out and repeal all of it. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn