Republican men a step backward

Reader Input
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Republican women and those who respect them: Please explain how you can respect your party leadership. Are they from the dark ages? Are they so threatened by women that they need to keep them barefoot and pregnant and out of the way of their grab for power? I don’t understand why you are not speaking up. Your men in power claim they want to end all abortions and also end access to birth control. The two are not compatible. If you don’t want abortions, shouldn’t women have access to the thing that prevents unwanted pregnancy? And they don’t even seem to understand how women’s birth control works! Rush Limbaugh seems to think a woman needs a pill every time she has sex to protect against pregnancy. They also don’t understand that women are prescribed birth control pills for many conditions other than birth control. If Rush had listened to Sandra Fluke he would have understood this. Republicans, let your leadership know that you do not want to return to the days when women had no control over their own bodies or even their own lives. Next they’ll be after our right to vote! Paulette Walter, Colfax