Republican party left voter

Reader Input
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Congressman Tom McClintock states “Congress is divided because the American people are divided” (“Congress earns flunking grade from locals,” Journal, Jan. 18). I would maintain that the opposite is true. The American people are divided because of hyper partisanship fostered by the extreme right wing of the Republican party. Most everyone agrees that spending limits, government waste, tax reform, regulatory adjustments and entitlement reforms must be addressed, however to what degree, by whom and for whom are very contentious issues. I firmly believe that tax relief for the middle class, temporary good faith tax surcharges on the very wealthy (thanks for your check, Warren Buffett), regulatory reform (that means a balanced budget, not a balanced budget amendment), which is the ultimate regulatory insult. In addition, TARP was a necessary evil, which salvaged the auto industry and certain financial institutions. The damage done by the previous administration has caused a worldwide deep recession that has necessitated the above. Current data flows show some improvement and the movement will continue at an increased pace despite obstructionists from the far right (re: Congressman McClintock). His solutions have not in the past solved anything and continue to cause deep fissures and rancor in conjunction with others of his kind. The Republican party left me, I didn’t leave it. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn