Republicans aid fat cat cronies

Reader Input
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After Republican policies turned a $500 billion surplus into a multi-trillion dollar deficit earlier this decade, crashed our economy, and recently forced almost $1 trillion more ($800 billion) onto the national debt through more tax breaks for the wealthy, they refuse to end taxpayer subsidies to record-profit-making oil companies and large corporate farms. Republican officials decry “the budget crisis” and plan wholesale cuts in alternative energy, EPA, education, transportation, war on terrorism, Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and child healthcare, Social Security, MediCare and other lifeline and public-safety programs. What? Republican candidates pledged $100 billion in cuts from the “spending problem” budget and now “many conservative Republicans (do) not relish the idea of explaining to constituents why the new majority was coming up short of the pledge.” Who are those constituents? The old adage says, “Follow the money.” Republican budget priorities benefit and identify their constituents as the Koch brothers, Wall Street, bankers and corporate America, not the to-be-unemployed teachers, firefighters and police, and employed and laid-off families and children whose health, safety, education, jobs, Social Security and MediCare benefits are on the chopping block. Kenneth M. Jones, Auburn