Republicans are ‘irrelevant’

Reader Input
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The April 1 letter from Irene Smith was screaming that hypocrisy abounds and finished with the condemnation of ignorance and arrogance. Irene rants that, “Conservatives are willing to pay for an obscenely expensive war, in dollars and lives, without challenge, but not pay for a healthcare plan for Americans that will save lives.” The healthcare bill passed, it is now law. The Democrats are in the majority. You did not need Republicans to vote for the bill. You did need all the Democrats. Thirty-four Democrats voted against the bill. The Republicans are irrelevant! War funding is voted on by the Democrats in the majority. The Republicans are irrelevant. You need all Democrats to vote against funding. I expect the next attack from the Progressives’ “Clueless in Loomis” will decry that the coming regime change in November trumpeted by the Tea Party will not lead to less deception, babbling dishonesty and bold disrespect for the Constitution but to the rise of the great white demons and the devouring of the unemployed and poverty-stricken for sport. JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn