Republicans kicked can down the road

Reader Input
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One of the tenets of the Republican Party is smaller government. Tuesday we lost an opportunity with the passage of the bill in the House raising the debt ceiling. The story not being talked about by Republicans is that if we had held firm and not raised the debt ceiling, some government employees would have lost their jobs. Republicans were scared that they would be tarred and feathered in the press. So what’s new? They did not attack the big pigs eating up the most monies — Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — they kicked that can down the street for someone else to deal with. By holding firm they would have had enough money to pay for those plus the military. The rest of the money left over would entail making hard choices as to who and how much. Pensions, health care, salaries, military, welfare, education, Department of the Interior, EPA, arts and science, agriculture and even NASA. On and on and on. Don’t tell me we could not have reduced the size of government (money and people) if we had only not raised the debt limit. Do you think Washington is going to volunteer to do this on its own? They must be forced to manage for a change. It’s been too easy to print more money and raise the debt ceiling. They have already spent more money over and above the last debt ceiling, so this new one really means nothing. And remember, Congress doesn’t play in our sand box. They have their own separate box. James Mckesson, Auburn