Republicans kill job efforts

Reader Input
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What a wise man Mr. Roger Perkins is (Reader Input, Aug. 18). I do agree because our dear president is a natural-born citizen. I have his birth certificate in my presence so end of subject. The trouble is the Republican Congress wants our president to be a one-term president so they say no to everything he has to offer to create jobs. “Well, he will be president another term I believe that they’ll be voted out” compromise is a word they need to know the meaning of. But we realize people who live under a rock cannot comprehend the meaning of decency. People are suffering for jobs and they’re acting like children, so who needs them? Thanks, Auburn Journal, for the respectable letters from people like Mr. Perkins. And for Mr. Joe Nicosia (Reader Input, Aug. 18), “you’re so wrong.” Juanita Goforth, Auburn