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Republicans: Spending is the way out of depression

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Will Republicans never learn? Instead of working to solve our problems Congressional Republicans want to return to their failed politics of belt tightening. They disregard the lesson that priming our economic pump is necessary or we will continue to free fall into a depression like that of 1929. Priming the pump means we must spend money and hire our unemployed so they can buy products and services that make jobs for others. Americans must be hired to work in infrastructure revitalization, clean energy careers, green jobs, health care, and anything that will pay a salary and increase their buying power. Also, the wealthy that have received the greatest benefits from the Bush tax cuts and Wall Street bailouts can help finance the recovery by buying recovery bonds. It would be wise to keep in mind that the spending power of our middle class is the economic engine of America. I hope Senate Republicans won’t continue the Herbert Hoover economics that hindered FDR’s New Deal recovery. It should be remembered that massive federal spending, along with the sale of war bonds was the eventual mechanism that provided the money not only to win World War II, but also to finally get us out of the Great Depression. Worth F. Crouch Auburn