Research before raising taxes

Reader Input
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My letter is in response to Mr. Jim Knox’s letter of July 17, 2011. Mr. Knox, I understand that it is easy to put all the blame on the Republicans for not allowing the taxes to be extended, but I have a question for you and your fellow believers in more taxes. Have you done any research into where the money for your daughter’s education is spent? I have done the research and you really need to. Have you researched what the top administrators of the CSU and UC college systems received over the last four years in salary increases? Was it in line with inflation of 7 percent over the same period? Why is it that only the schools, fire, police and social programs are being cut? Are there no other areas in government that can or need to be cut? If you do the research you may not be so eager to pay more in taxes and understand the Republicans’ position against more taxes. Ted Smith, Rocklin