Resident can’t support tax

Reader Input
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Our (Lincoln) City Council is spending $54,000 to educate the citizens of Lincoln about the proposed utility tax. To me, that is an insult to my intelligence and a great waste of city funds. Do we not have anyone on the city staff capable of providing this information in our local newspaper, council meetings or public forums? We have a grossly overpaid city manager and an equally overpaid assistant city manager that we did not need in the first place. If neither one of them are able to provide the citizens of Lincoln with clear information on the proposed utility tax, maybe they should both be let go and replaced by one person who can do the job and at a much lower salary. I have, for the most part, been in support of our City Council as I know their job is not an easy one and they cannot please everyone but I cannot support this tax even though I have personal friends on the council. It is not fair to cut our police department while so much money is spent on high salaries at City Hall. Another thought — who is going to want to buy a home here or come here to start a business with this tax in their future and a proposed $163 million bond measure for the Western Placer Unified School District? Good luck with future growth! Faye Gouvea, Lincoln