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Reader Input
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A couple of years ago, it was necessary to use the emergency services of the city of Lincoln. I called 911 and got an immediate response. Great service. However, when the first responders arrived, here is what happened at 11 p.m. 1. We called 911 for emergency medical service. a. The fire truck arrived with four firemen. Large truck with sirens blaring. b. Someone in a fireman’s uniform arrived in his pickup. Red light on. c. The ambulance arrived with two medics. Red lights on. d. We found six responders in our bedroom with one sitting in the fire truck. e. The paramedics did their emergency response well and took my wife in the ambulance with the other five responders watching as they placed her in the ambulance. 2. Here we have seven responders who are all responding to a medical situation, which in my opinion, one ambulance with one or two medics would do very well. Having been a volunteer firefighter and volunteer EMT at one point in my life, we did not find it necessary to have all of these “back-ups.” Why now? Who is, or what organization is requiring all of these “helpers” plus the three vehicles being on the road? What kind of risk does this represent and at what cost? Gerard Van Pykeren, Lincoln