Residents need to be told of mountain lion threat

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Lack of information can cost a life. Four goats were killed by a mountain lion on Moffett Ranch Road off Tokayana Way. State trappers were called by a neighbor and on May 19 the trappers combed the area through my backyard and the vicinity looking to kill the lion. They found nothing. Two of the goats’ bodies were not found, yet from the smell they are under the vast berry bushes in my backyard. The other two goat bodies were slightly buried by the trappers on my neighbor’s property to lure the lion back so they could kill it. Since then, the trappers are no where to be seen. All of this had taken place without my knowledge. I’d only learned of it after my Siamese cat disappeared and I asked around to see if anyone had seen her. I am appalled that these state trappers did not have concern or courtesy to inform me and everyone in the immediate area about this extremely dangerous situation. I feel they cost me the life of one of my family. What about the children in the area? I bet if a child disappeared the state would have a serious lawsuit on its hands. Watch your children and pets. It sure seems like it would have been smarter to lure the lion in the opposite direction of the people and their homes. Amy Sibley Colfax