Resolve issues under lockdown

Reader Input
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We hear a lot about how our country cannot seem to get it together on, for example, health care or education. My bet is that if you locked down a group of the most ultra-conservative and liberal in our community and stipulated they could come out once coming to agreement on solutions to these problems, they’d have it pretty well finalized in a week or so. The reason this would work is the same reason why the community seems to function pretty well on a daily basis anyway with a mixture of personal political philosophies working side by side. Oh, another reason (I forgot to mention) why the hypothetical locked-down group would arrive at a resolution quickly is that it would be stipulated that school administrators found within a hundred yards of the meeting room while they discussed education would be arrested for loitering. Lobbyists found during the discussion on health care would be shot on sight. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn