A resounding yes on Measure A

Reader Input Online
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I have been involved in our community for my entire 32 years living in Auburn, and in many leadership positions from Chief of Staff of our local Hospital, President of Auburn Little League for four years, Chairman of the Auburn Recreation District, and currently serve on the City Council. I care deeply about our community. It is time to get to the basics. When you vote Yes on Measure A, you are voting for greater local control over municipal affairs and the possibility of some savings of Auburn taxpayer?s money on purely municipal projects if we chose to use non union shop contractors. If you vote no on Measure A, you believe that the State legislature is better able to tell Auburn how to run their municipal affairs than your own elected City Council and that prevailing wage should rule in all cases. Almost all of your City leaders past and present support Measure A. Cheryl Maki (former Mayor and local business woman) has pointed out it takes at least 15% more to bid on a prevailing wage job than one that does not require prevailing wage. The City taxpayers could save significant amounts of money if we can get out from under this burden. But the bigger issue is local control. The State of California makes rules for the entire state that often they do not fit our local situation in regards to municipal affairs. Auburn is currently the best run City in the entire area financially and in our business and management model. We are coming out of our recession faster than anyone and returning money to our employees because of our sound fiscal policies and management. We are restoring some services that we have had to curtail. The same officials that have accomplished this only want to make things better. Yes, Auburn has done well under our current form of government for over 100 years but we need to improve and change with the times to make things even better. To have more local control of our municipal affairs. Under the Charter our citizens will have more control over their own affairs and local officials who are accountable to them making the decisions. The charge that we did not have a citizens advisory committee is a smokescreen. The City Council appoints commission members and has the final word anyway. We have discussed this item for over a year and listened to input. Your elected officials supported by most of your community leaders past and present support Measure A to only make Auburn a stronger community. We ask your support as well. Vote Yes on Measure A for the future of Auburn. William Kirby, M.D., Auburn City Council, Auburn