Respect leaders or vote them out

Reader Input
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What we’re talking about is a clear struggle framed by not only the personalities of the two candidates, but by their competing visions. Both are honorable men, but the Republican view is based on a private sector primary plan, which has been pushed and pulled to the extreme right (re: tea party) and was the only path Mitt Romney could follow to win the nomination. As of this date, you can see some so-called “flip-flopping” on health care and tax loop-hole comments by both Mr. (Mitt) Romney and Mr. (Paul) Ryan, in which they seemingly move to a centrist position, but in reality maintain a no tax revenue stance. This is a major concern for all of us in our foreign and fiscal policy. I can’t imagine foreign leaders, both friend and foe, reacting to this constant change of pace. This nation’s policy is and should be an emphasis on job creation and the economy. We are pulling out of a deep hole and need to stay the course, with public governmental support, while sowing the seeds for private enterprise. In addition, this personal vendetta mind-set and lack of respect for elected officials needs to end. If we don’t want certain elected officials, that’s what elections are for regardless of party. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn