Retain Jennifer Montgomery

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Jennifer Montgomery deserves another term. Whether it is volunteering to help set up containment barriers to protect Rock Creek after the North Auburn 49 Fire or pulling invasive brush during the 2011 and 2012 Scotch Broom Challenges in Dutch Flat, Montgomery has been there working beside local residents. Montgomery supports individual communities. Residents of Cape Horn needed help getting emergency access to an off-ramp closed by Caltrans. Montgomery worked through county, state and federal bureaucracies to get that access. When residents of White Oak Drive requested help with an aging code enforcement issue, Montgomery found an ineffective code enforcement process then worked with staff and fellow board members to restructure that process. Montgomery solves problems at the root cause. I do not agree with Supervisor Montgomery all the time and I don?t expect to. When we do disagree, my concerns are heard and considered in a respectful fashion. An elected representative should be honest, available and put the needs of constituents first. We should expect leadership that challenges staff and has no fear of a 4 to 1 vote. We should expect practical, pragmatic, common sense decision making. We should give Jennifer Montgomery another term. Don Adams, Weimar