Retain Jennifer Montgomery

Reader Input
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Our current supervisor has been doing a good job so far - why do we need a new one? One Johnson, whose signs are stuck up all over out-of-business businesses, and claims to be a ?Developer? - the development he cites went bankrupt! The other Johnson claims to be a retired Forestry employee - the last retired triple dipping supervisor who was a Forestry employee tried to get approval of a hot asphalt plant on Highway 49 at the river - that attempt was not approved, so the next proposed site was at the Chevreau operation on Combie Lake, hauling hot asphalt down Placer Hills Road, beginning at 6:00 AM All because that was what was allowed by the Zoning Ordinance! Also, claiming the Indian cemetery should be purchased from the city of Colfax because everybody knows those Indians are rich! Maybe all former Forestry guys are not like that, but I still believe Mrs. Montgomery is the one to retain. Signed: I.C. Mieux, Applegate