Retain teen parent program

Reader Input
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My name is Elsa Medina. I attended Chana High School from 1997 to 1999. When I enrolled, I was a teen parent and wanted to finish school. The teen parent program helped me graduate from high school while I learned about my child and how to be a good parent. Being in a bad relationship, I was able to escape the bad environment I was in and move forward with my daughters. It is disappointing to know that the teen parent program may be eliminated from Chana High School due to state budget cuts (“Fate unclear for high school parenting program,” Journal, April 1). This program may be the only place some teen parents have where they can obtain important information on how to be a parent, finish school and be successful in life. Since I graduated, I have been able to stabilize myself in a law firm, wherein, I have been promoted and now manage my own department. I also continued my college education and am close to finishing my degree. I send this message to you in hope that you may share it with the community and that it may inform those that are not familiar with this program. As teens we don’t always make the best choice but having someone outside of the home, that we can at times relate to, can sometimes help us redirect the rest of our life. I am very thankful I had the benefit of being in the teen parent program and hope that the state will consider keeping it. Elsa Medina, Rocklin