Return reason to government

Reader Input
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How could this be … incompetent amateurs and mismanagement of funds from the government that is going to turn our economy around with millions of new jobs, free ourselves from our oil dependency and run health care? I read with interest a recent article: “Nearly 1,300 prison inmates wrongly received more than $9 million in tax credits for homebuyers despite being locked up when they claimed they bought a home, a government investigator reported.” The investigator said 241 of the inmates were serving life sentences. In all, more than 14,100 taxpayers wrongly received at least $26.7 million in tax credits that were meant to boost the nation’s slumping housing markets, said the report by J. Russell George, the treasury department’s inspector general for tax administration. Be thankful for the Tea Party movement that wants to reduce the size of this pack of incompetent buffoons and take America back to a point of reason and away from emotion-based government. JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn