Revenue sharing an unaffordable luxury

Reader Input
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I want to thank Placer County supervisors Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran for taking a principled stand on the county’s revenue sharing policy, albeit on the losing end of a 3-2 vote (Journal, Oct. 12). As someone who works for a non-profit and has spent thousands of hours fundraising for many non-profits over the years, I know all too well the difficulty these organizations face in these extremely difficult economic times. However, the fundamental purpose of local government is to provide essential services to its citizens. Every local government in the region — and probably throughout California and across the nation — has had to make tough budget cuts in order to bring costs in line with shrinking revenues. Placer County is no exception. In my view, the revenue sharing program is a luxury use of discretionary funds, which might be justifiable during strong economic times. But when funding is being cut to essential services, and programs like Meals on Wheels are having to make do with less, I no longer believe our local governments have the luxury to fund such programs. Rob Haswell, Auburn