Review seniors’ licenses more often

Reader Input
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After reading the front-page story about senior drivers (Journal, Feb. 25), I do want to comment. Even though I’m one of those senior drivers, I can see the reasons for checking seniors’ abilities more often than younger drivers. It’s difficult for a family member to “turn in” a loved one who should not be driving, to take away their keys. I think it would be a good thing to issue licenses to persons over a certain age (possibly 70 would be a good dividing line) for a shorter period of time, say just two years versus the longer period in effect now. Older persons’ physical health can change more rapidly than younger persons, and it can affect the ability to drive safely. If they had to renew in person, it would give the DMV a chance to see how well the person is, their physical ability to operate a vehicle, besides checking their vision. Millie Dunn, Auburn