Rich Johnson deserves votes

Reader Input
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Rich Johnson is Auburn?s best choice for Placer County District 5 supervisor. Here?s why. No other candidate has more knowledge, more interest and more dedication to the citizens of Auburn than Rich Johnson. He and his wife, Peg, have lived in Auburn for 26 years. Since retiring six years ago from a 20-year career as district ranger of the Tahoe National Forest, Rich has been deeply involved in Placer County government, serving for six years as District 5 commissioner on the Placer County Planning Commission. Like he did as district ranger, he goes out and ?walks the ground.? He visits the site of zoning applications, asks questions, confers with constituents and votes intelligently with a balance between property rights and public interests. Rich Johnson is well-known and respected by other Placer County officials, including department heads and staff. He exhibits a collaborative style that promotes a win-win for both sides of controversial decisions. An efficient Placer County/Auburn interface is critical, and Rich is best positioned to make that happen, unlike other candidates who live far away along I-80 and have their own provincial interests. Rich is the only candidate who lives in Auburn, which will occupy much of his attention as supervisor. He?s the only candidate who is so knowledgeable, so informed and so concerned about the needs of Auburn and all of District 5. Auburn deserves a local resident as supervisor and Rich Johnson deserves Auburn?s vote on June 5. Neil Cochran, Foresthill