"Rich" the most qualified choice

Reader Input
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Having read the many published news articles, editorials and letters to the editor regarding the five candidates running for District 5 supervisor in Placer County, and with election day less than a week away, I began to wonder what criteria the voting public should consider when choosing the best candidate. Recognizing that not all voters know these candidates, how does one determine whom to vote for? Well, to me, the answer is simple, obvious and unequivocal. The best candidate is the person having the most knowledge, experience and credentials serving the interests of Placer County. Using these criteria, Richard ?Rich? Johnson is by far the most credible candidate. What, you don?t agree with me? Well, don?t take my word for it; just ask any of the folks who have served with Rich on the Placer County Planning Commission, Placer County Agricultural Commission, the Auburn or Foresthill Chamber of Commerce, the Placer County Visitor?s Bureau, the Foresthill Fire Safe Council, or the Auburn Chamber of Commerce Economic Forum (locally known as the ?Meddlers?). Additionally, Rich has frequently volunteered in charitable causes such as Project Auburn, clearing hiking trails in the Sierra, installing seats in the State Theater and other causes too numerous to mention. Considering all this, it should be apparent that Rich Johnson has demonstrated an understanding and fondness for all Placer County, not just his local Auburn community. He is experienced in all aspects of life in the county, including agriculture, forestry, recreation, tourism and regional planning. It is for this reason that District 5 needs Rich Johnson as supervisor. George Remaley, North Auburn