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Rich should give their wealth to save country

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Thirty years ago we began systematically heaping obscene amounts of money on the wealthiest Americans hoping it would trickle down to the rest of us. We are still waiting. (See the recent bank bailout.) Soon, the administration will come to us and tell us that, in the name of Patriotism and to The Benefit of the Country, we will have to sacrifice. We work for 50 years and then are asked to sacrifice. Instead of causing incredible pain to the 300 million Americans who are really the victims, I have a better solution. I would like to make a public call for you wealthiest 5 percent of Americans to put back 50 percent of your total accumulated wealth back into the economy. (Yes, this includes the numbered Swiss and Cayman Island accounts where you hide all that money so you don’t have to pay taxes on it.) We will take a check. The $10 trillion this will put back will not only be enough to fix our economy for the next 20 years, but will pay for universal health care, and education for our children from pre-school through college. Thank you so much in advance. I promise, wealthy people, not one of your children will go to bed hungry. They will all get to go to college. Not even one of you will have to alter, in the most minute detail, any aspect of your lifestyle. Please, don’t think of this as a tax. Not at all. We are asking this as part of your Patriotic Duty. You should do it for The Good of the Country. I guess, soon we will know who really loves this country, and who will just give us the finger and apply for another government handout. Clifford Lanxner Applegate