Rick Keene offers practical solutions

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I disagree with my friend, Ken Campbell, and his assessment of Rick Keene, Candidate for the 4th District Senate seat (letter May 26). Ken seems to have overlooked the fact that (Doug) LaMalfa also voted for California’s Budgets the same years as Rick Keene did (2004, 2005 and voted to implement the 2007 budget). LaMalfa then voted against the 2008 budget, but is probably wishing he hadn’t, as that budget actually rolled back State spending over $11 Billion. Also, that LaMalfa and his family of rice growers (or non-rice growers) spent the better part of 1995 through 2006, feeding at the public trough with agricultural subsidies, to the tune of several million taxpayer dollars for not growing rice on the family farm. I don’t see that LaMalfa’s track record earns him kudos for being on the side of saving our tax dollars. I am supporting Rick Keene and his candidacy for State Senate Dist.4, as he seems to be the candidate with a consistent record of working for his constituents, and doesn’t have a fiduciary interest in seeing that government spending continues to grow out of control. He, also has consistently proposed positive, practical programs instead of just saying “No.” Paula Celick, Auburn